In the center of The Netherlands is a fascinating studio.
Impressive machines, silver, gold, precious stones, aluminum, rulers, hammers, enamel, color swatches, everything excites the curiosity.
Here top collections are made and worn by notable people and reachable for everyone. Good design and optimal knowledge.

Meet Pauline Barendse and Jan Matthesius and be surprised by the way they work.

The collection pieces of Dubbelop are purchased by individuals, collectors and international museums such as the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum (NL), museum voor Vlakglas en Emaillekunst (NL), Schmuck Museum (DL) and the Corning Glass Museum (United States).
The work is presented in many locations including Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Schoonhoven, Basel, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Perth.
Pauline Barendse and Jan Matthesius are both distinguished with several awards in The Netherlands and abroad.

Dubbelop works on assignment for individuals, municipalities, companies, collectors and museums.
The assignments vary from large pieces of silver to jewelry for everyday use.
An important starting point for the studio, whether large or small, is that it is always crafted to optimally fit the user.

One of the permanent clients of the Studio is “chp …?”, translated: “who is afraid of … ?” contemporary jewelry. This is a conceptual jewelry brand founded by Gijs Bakker and Marijke Vallanzasca.

“Since 1995 I work together with Pauline and Jan, a golden duo with true craftsmanship, technical skill and creative insight. Both for “Chi ha paura …?” as well as for my own designs we have developed together many concepts to full-fledged products. Every time I go to Schoonhoven, I look forward to seeing the results”.

Gijs Bakker Designer

In recent years, Pauline Barendse and Jan Matthesius specialize in Memory Keepers which are small objects to wear or to put down.The need for hand urns, small mourning objects, mourning jewelry is growing. Figuring out these objects requires peace, space and time. The smallest details are important; from color to size, everything should be 100% correct.
In 2012 Pauline Barendse presented a small collection of hand urns in Palace Oranienbaum. They were presented in the mourning chamber of the Palace, like small pearls. For many visitors, this was the first time they came into contact with these items.
The mourning objects are made in consultation with you. There are a lot of possibilities. In addition to different materials, choices can be made to process a piece of fabric, ashes of a human or animal, a note or a text in braille.

The studio of Dubbelop is internationally celebrated for its optimal technical expertise. This knowledge is necessary to satisfy their own standards, as well as the demands provided by the clients.
Through years of experience and working with many precious and non-precious materials, Dubbelop has gained a lot of knowledge in their own studio.
Curiosity about new developments keeps the studio up to date.
Through the use of state of the art equipment, jewelry that is currently being worked on produces sound or/and jewelry that ‘flashes’ light. No design issue is off limits.
Do you need a piece created as a designer, private customer, collector, museum director, County Council or Mayor?
Please contact the studio via info@dubbelop.nl

Pauline Barendse & Jan Matthesius
Lange Weistraat 1a
2871 BK Schoonhoven
The Netherlands+31 (0)182 38 56 29

Of course you can contact Pauline Barendse or Jan Matthesius for HR images

+31 (0)182 38 56 29